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2021 - Camp Video
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Camper Registration

June 25th - June 30th
Salem, OR

2023 Camper Registration is

- Price: $375

- Visit the cost breakdown below to see exactly what's included in your child's week.

**Campers are able to attend camp through the summer of their high school graduation.**


Welcome to Florida College Oregon Camp

We strive to give you a small taste of the atmosphere that Florida College provides for its students.

A week with us is guaranteed to include: worship, laughter, memories, devotion, friendship, and moments you'll NEVER forget.  Campers and counselors alike often say that their week at Oregon camp is the best of the year!

We look forward to spending it with you this year!


Click "Register Now" to guarantee your spot!

**New Testament Christian morals, resources, and standards are practiced at this camp**

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